Welcome to Big Country Walk to Emmau

Things to take on the Walk:

1.    Personal pillow, if desired 
2.    Small flashlight & umbrella
3.    Small over the shoulder purse (women)
4.    Sweater or light jacket
5.    Blanket, wrap, or sweatshirt for a chilly conference room
6.    Comfortable shoes
7.    Casual clothing for the three days
8.    Personal hygiene toiletries
9.    Prescription medications
10   Bible

Things not to take on the Walk:

1.    Electronic devices, tablets, Ipads 
2.    Phones (there is no cell or internet)
3.    Watch (we are on God's time)
4.    Personal valuables
5.    Cameras

**A refrigerator s available for medication and special dietary needs will be accommodated if your sponsor makes us aware of those needs.   Please be sure to communicate these to your sponsor! 

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