Men's Walk to Emmaus #229

God knows the names of each pilgrim that should attend. If He has laid upon your heart a someone for this walk, please get an application completed.

Walk Details
Dates: August 22-25, 2018
Lay Director: Terry St. Pierre
Spiritual Director: Randy Roy
Board Representative: Bush Ramsey
Prayer Chief: Ben Gray
Arch Angel:
Location: Big Country Baptist Assembly, Lueders
Registration Begins: 6:00 pm Wednesday
Sendoff: 7:00 pm Wednesday
Candlelight Service: 7:30 pm Friday
Pilgrims enter: 9:00 pm Friday
Closing: 4:00 pm Saturday
Agape Drop Off Points: Key Property Management & Real Estate - 3109 S. 14th (next to McKay's Bakery),American Classified, 1634 N. 1st;
Ingram Cleaners, 2666 Buffalo Gap Rd(Last pickup for all locations will be on Thursday, 11:00 a.m.)

To sign up for prayer, go to the PRAYER VIGIL and sign up for a time.

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Pilgrim List

Updated 6/20/18
  1. Glen Arnold
  2. Thomas Berry
  3. Nathan Burrow
  4. Sonny Guild
  5. Troy LaRue
  6. J.T. Thornton
  7. Jim Willeford

  8. Waiting List

Team List

  1. Dan Allen
  2. Dale Blackburn
  3. Bruce Campbell
  4. Charlie Clements
  5. Mike Coffey
  6. Robert Cole
  7. James Condry
  8. Toby Coomer
  9. Calvin Donaghey
  10. Michael Gililland
  11. Ben Gray
  12. Gary Grisham
  13. Jack Hardcastle
  14. Kelvin Kelley
  15. Josh Leddy
  16. Terry St. Pierre
  17. Rod Pringle
  18. Bush Ramsey
  19. David Ray
  20. Randy Roy
  21. Cliff Shriver
  22. Steve Yarnell