Men's Walk to Emmaus #229

God knows the names of each pilgrim that should attend. If He has laid upon your heart a someone for this walk, please get an application completed.

Walk Details
Dates: August 22-25, 2018
Lay Director: Terry St. Pierre
Spiritual Director: Randy Roy
Board Representative: Bush Ramsey
Prayer Chief:
Arch Angel:
Location: Big Country Baptist Assembly, Lueders
Registration Begins: 6:00 pm Wednesday
Sendoff: 7:00 pm Wednesday
Candlelight Service: 7:30 pm Friday
Pilgrims enter: 9:00 pm Friday
Closing: 4:00 pm Saturday
Agape Drop Off Points: Key Property Management & Real Estate - 3109 S. 14th (next to McKay's Bakery),American Classified, 1634 N. 1st;
Ingram Cleaners, 2666 Buffalo Gap Rd(Last pickup for all locations will be on Thursday, 11:00 a.m.)

To sign up for prayer, go to the PRAYER VIGIL and sign up for a time.

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Pilgrim List

Updated 4/11/18
  1. Nathann Burrow

  2. Waiting List

Team List

  1. Terry St. Pierre
  2. Bush Ramsey
  3. Randy Roy