• Walk to Emmaus

Replacement Nametags

Big Country Emmaus Community Nametag

The nametag that you were given at the end of your walk plays a vital role in our community because there are so many of us that it is hard to remember everyone's name. If you have lost yours you may purchase a replacement nametag. If you are transferring into Big Country Emmaus from another Walk to Emmaus Community you can order one also. The costs are:

  • Nametag only - $6.00
  • Nametag and Cross $11.00

You will need to do the following to order your new nametag.

  1. Print your name legibly on paper exactly how you want it to read.
  2. List your phone number so you can be contacted when it is ready.
  3. Enclose a check for the proper amount to
    Big Country Emmaus Community
    P.O. Box 5080
    Abilene, TX 79608.

Your new nametag will be printed, along with the pilgrims for the next walk, after your order is received.