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Kairos of Texas Prison Ministry is very well known in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison System. The residents of these units place their names on a waiting list, at times up to 3 years long, to be able to come to our Weekends. They hear about the home cooked food we bring into the unit for them to eat during one of our weekends and many will only come for that reason. What we know, and they don't, is that they will be fed more by the Holy Spirit during the weekend.  The food becomes not as important as they thought.

The Kairos Support Team is made up of team members who stay outside the prison and prepare all the food and coordinate supplies for putting on the Weekend. For many this is a Ministry itself. What we as a ministry have to keep in mind is that FOOD is not something we need to go overboard with. We need keep our expenses reasonable and still provide what we need on the Kairos Weekends.

Kairos has a food budget of $2500.00 to $3500.00 for each weekend. If we steward this properly we will be near our minimum expense when we allow food items to be donated for use on our weekends. Food items are written on slips of paper and placed in a basket for team members to draw from. Then their goal is to get the item donated from others, allowing us to give many others an opportunity to be part of the Kairos Ministry Weekends.

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