A Christian community that loves Christ Jesus

From Abilene, Texas and the surrounding areas, from all churches, all denominations. Emmaus is for all who want to unwrap the LOVE and GRACE Jesus has for you.

COMMUNITY GATHERINGS (always the first Tuesday): Community will be at First Presbyterian Church located at 400 Orange St, Abilene.We are so thankful for the churches who host our gatherings. Sponsor Training and Babe Chicks meet each month at 6:00 pm and Community begins with praise and worship at 6:30 pm.

Click here for Emmaus video list (coming soon)

Check out our 2020 Calendar with events listed and links to all the walks and flights. All Walk dates and lay directors for the entire year are listed here. Teams are updated to each walk as they are formed.

ATTENION members. If you haven't worked a Walk this calendar year and are interested please email us and we will get your information to the TEAM SELECTION COMMITTEE. Members are eligible to work a Walk and a Chrysalis each year. Team fees are $175. We want everyone to have the opportunity to work. Email your name, Walk #, current email and phone number. bcemmaus@gmail.com

Team Fees You can now pay your Walk team fees through PAYPAL. There is a small adminstrative processing fee of $7.50 added.

The Walk application has now become easier for you to just fill-in, print out, and mail to PO Box 5080; Abilene, TX 79608. All applications are due to the registrar no later than the Friday prior to the Walk. They may be postmarked on Friday prior to the Walk. The maximun number of pilgrims on a Walk or Flight is 36. The cost of the walks and flights is $175.00 for pilgrims and all teams members.


We have a page explaining sponsorship. Check it out, ask questions to others who have sponsored, ask someone to help you the first time you sponsor someone. Good sponsorship is key to a good community. Click here for a list of what your pilgrim should bring.

AGAPE Please note that if you are preparing agape for any walk you will need to provide: 82 pieces which will provide a piece for the entire team and each pilgrim. Please provide 48 pieces if your agape is to be worn and know that it will only be distributed to the pilgrims and table leaders. Please NO special gifts for ONE person.All sponsors need to do 82 pieces of agape!

**PLEASE HELP US KEEP THE DATA BASE UPDATED! Click to Enter Member Database to update your phone, mailing or email address. If you are unable to enter to update your information, please email glendaeriley@yahoo.com. If you are not receiving the newsletter or event notifications and all your information is correct. We would really like to get this fixed for you! A new fill-in form for data base/team service has been uploaded on the web! This form is how the team selection committee gets the most current information to pick possible names for teams. Click HERE to fill it out and e-mail it.

4Looking for a Reunion Group? click on the link and find some great information about the importance of being involved in a groudp, how to form a group or how to find a reunion group! Get involved!

You can find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/Bcemmaus and on Instagram @bcemmaus

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Upper RoomLooking for a daily devotional? Daily Devotional The Upper Room

Calling all prayer warriors!!! Walks are going on all over the world and YOU can serve by being a part of the 72 hour prayer vigil just as they are praying for our walks! Visit the 3 day online vigil. (temporarily down)

Click HERE to watch a video about The Walk to Emmaus. "Hoping and Dreaming with YOU in Mind"

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