Girl's Chrysalis Flight #68

There is plenty of room left to attend the Flight. Please be in prayer for the Team and Caterpillars.

Flight Details
Dates: July 18-21, 2019
Lay Director: Ashley McVey
Youth LD: Sierra Holcomb
Spiritual Director: Dusty Grun
Board Representative: Heather Sessums
Prayer Chief: Patricia Bromley
Arch Angel: Lindsey Hall
Location: Big Country Baptist Assembly, Lueders
Registration Begins: 6:00 pm Thursday
Sendoff: 7:00 pm Thursday
Candlelight Service: 7:30 pm Saturday
Caterpillars enter: 9:00 pm Saturday
Closing: 4:00 pm Sunday
Agape Drop Off Points: Key Property Management & Real Estate - 3109 S. 14th (next to McKay's Bakery),American Classified, 1634 N. 1st;
Ingram Cleaners, 2666 Buffalo Gap Rd(Last pickup for both locations will be on Thursday, 11:00 a.m.)

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Caterpillar List

  1. Allison Hardin
  2. Cloe McKinney
  3. Jessica Hunter
  4. Kenli Riney
  5. Abigail Songer
  6. Karissa Walters

Team List

  1. Angie Alcala
  2. Treby Beck
  3. Patricia Bromley
  4. Dorothy Clay
  5. Alyssa Cervantez
  6. Betty Jo Daniels
  7. Dusty Grun
  8. Jodee Grun
  9. Lindsey Hall
  10. Joyce Hambright
  11. Sierra Holcomb
  12. Ashley McVey
  13. Justin McVey
  14. Briana Mesey
  15. Sandy Mesey
  16. Janah Moore
  17. Clint Oakley
  18. Brylee Powers
  19. Courtney Reed
  20. Becky Reel
  21. Pam Robinson
  22. Heather Sessums
  23. Madison Smith
  24. Shailee Strevey
  25. Angela Whittington
  26. Beverly Williams