Boys' Chrysalis Flight #63

There is plenty of room left to attend the Flight. Please be in prayer for the Team and Caterpillars. Click on APPLICATIONS to fill in and print off your application. There is additional paperwork required by the camp this year. Click HERE for that. Also, please attach a current shot record to the application.

Flight Details
Dates: July 14-17, 2016
Lay Director: Ryan Clift
Youth LD: Nicco Arispe
Spiritual Director: Randy Roy
Board Representative: Cliff Shriver
Prayer Chief: Rich Blazier
Arch Angel:  
Location: Big Country Baptist Assembly, Lueders
Registration Begins: 6:00 pm Thursday
Sendoff: 7:00 pm Thursday
Candlelight Service: 8:00 pm Saturday
Caterpillars enter: 10:00 pm Saturday
Closing: 4:00 pm Sunday
Agape Drop Off Points: Key Property Management & Real Estate - 3109 S. 14th (next to McKay's Bakery),American Classified, 1634 N. 1st;
Ingram Cleaners, 2666 Buffalo Gap Rd(Last pickup for both locations will be on Thursday, 11:00 a.m.)

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Caterpillar List

Updated: 07/13/2016
  1. Fernando Alaniz, Jr
  2. Jaxen Batten
  3. Zai Brown
  4. Nathan Call
  5. Atreyu Callahan
  6. Jordan Cardenas
  7. Austin Chambers
  8. Ethan Ernandes
  9. Wendell Hurick
  10. Brendan Irby
  11. Isaiah Longoria
  12. Johnny Manry
  13. Monty Montgomery
  14. Brycen Potts
  15. Estevan Stokes
  16. Bradon Upshaw
  17. Eli Vigil
  18. Zach Vigil
  19. Darian Wright
  20. Jace Young
  21. River Young

Waiting List

Team List

Updated: 07/13/2016
  1. Jeff Addison
  2. Nicco Arispe
  3. Rich Blazier
  4. John Bruneau
  5. Devon Carlile
  6. Ryan Clift
  7. Cory Cochran
  8. Cody Cross
  9. Mark Crumbliss
  10. Wyatt Goettsch
  11. Alejandro Gomez, Jr
  12. Tracy Gomez
  13. Scott Goolsby
  14. Taylor Gray
  15. Dusty Grun
  16. Jimmy Hall
  17. Zack Hines
  18. Johnny Holland
  19. Rusty Kirk
  20. Casey Longmire
  21. Joseph Nikiza
  22. John Randolph
  23. Garrett Rhoden
  24. Jace Rhoden
  25. Wyatt Robinson
  26. Randy Roy
  27. Roland Rud
  28. David Scott
  29. Jason Shaw
  30. Cliff Shriver
  31. Tony Spradlin
  32. Sean Paul Steph
  33. Scott Warren
  34. Buddy Warren
  35. Bo Whitaker
  36. Roy Wright
  37. Ryan Wright
  38. Steve Yarnell
  39. Ryan Young