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"I had the amazing opportunity of attending Chrysalis Flight #52 the summer before my sophomore year of high school. Being part of such an experience shaped my life in a multitude of ways. I had never before experienced such freedom in communing with God and others. Being with people who worshipped or experienced God in different ways than I had seen before greatly impacted my faith, and created an environment of love and freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17 explains that where The Spirit of The Lord is, there is freedom. My Chrysalis experience was immensely saturated with the Holy Spirit and the freedom He longs for us to receive. I also felt completely enveloped in an atmosphere of unconditional love for the entirety of the Chrysalis. I got to fully experience the love of God, my friends, and my family. I also got to receive love from new mentors and friends I met on the Chrysalis who are now a huge part of my life. After leaving my 4-day Chrysalis adventure, I got to take what I learned and share it with my friends and family. I also became part of the Big Country Emmaus Community  and have had the opportunity to meet even more people that I now consider family. 
The summer after my own Chrysalis I was asked to be an assistant table leader for Flight #54. The various preparations I participated in, and the experience I had while working my first Chrysalis, are some of the best memories I have. My experience serving on a Chrysalis team was just as amazing and life changing as attending my own Chrysalis. 
One of the best things about Chrysalis is that each Flight is unique because God is unique in revealing himself to each person participating in the experience. Changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly, becoming a new creation in Christ, and getting to watch my friends do the same has shaped me in monumental ways. 
I am forever grateful to Chrysalis for giving me the experiences it has and lavishing upon me the immeasurable love of The Lord. I will always treasure the wisdom, identity, grace, freedom, love, friendship, and joy that I have received and come to know more fully because of Chrysalis."

De Colores!
-Carlee Lane

Chrysalis — a Transformation

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What is Chrysalis

As a caterpillar prepares to begin its transformation, it will create cocoon in which it will hibernate as it's body undergoes a transformation into a beautiful butterfly. At this stage is called a called chrysalis. Chrysalis, as the name would suggest, is a movement designed to help young men and women transform themselves from their days of youth to spirit filled lives knowing about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Chrysalis is modeled after the Walk to Emmaus movement with talks and discussions designed for young men and women that help them understand the grace that the Father has given each of us, and also to help them identify the purpose that God has for each of them. Instead of being called walks as with adults, these events are called flights. Participants are called caterpillars during their weekend, and transformed into butterflies at the conclusion of their weekend. Find out more about Chrysalis on The Upper Room's website.


The Chrysalis is in the process of being redesigned and is now accepting applications for ages 14-17. This has been a very prayerful decision, handed down from the upper room to this community and we ask in return that you take a very prayerful consideration in sponsorship of your youth. This is a big change from years past. Please know that the decision from the Chrysalis board was not made with ease or made lightly.

Chrysalis Flights


Click on Application to go to a fill-in application to print and send in to the registrar. They need to be mailed to: Big Country Registrar; PO Box 5080; Abilene, TX 79608. Please attach a current shot record to the application.

Team Applications

Adults that have participated in a previous Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis event will be involved on the team.  All team members over the age of 18 at the time of the event must submit a complete application, and undergo a criminal background check to ensure the safety of the youth.

Other Chrysalis Events

Each fall the chrysalis community gathers for a RUSH that is similar to our regular community meetings, but a lot more fun! The community keeps up with the news about chrysalis in the monthly community newsletter section titled "The Chrysalis Corner".


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