Men's Walk to Emmaus #149

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There is plenty of room left for men to attend Walk 149. God knows the names of each pilgrim that should attend. If He has laid upon your heart a gentleman for this walk, please get an application completed for him. Also, don't forget our sponsorship training held at 6 p.m. prior to each community gathering.

Walk Details
Dates: August 21-24, 2008
Lay Director: Bill Core
Spiritual Director: Don Morrison
Board Representative: Ken Mansfield
Prayer Chief: Carlton Coston
Arch Angel: Lowell Johnston
Location: Big Country Baptist Assembly, Lueders
Registration Begins: 6:00 pm Thursday
Sendoff: 7:00 pm Thursday
Candlelight Service: 8:00 pm Saturday
Pilgrims enter: 10:00 pm Saturday
Closing: 4:00 pm Sunday
Agape Drop Off Points: tbd

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Pilgrim List

Last update: 05/13/08
  1. Samuel Alcala
  2. Aaron Clendenen
  3. David Collins, Jr.
  4. Pop Freeman
  5. Drew Jenkins
  6. Tim McDaniel
  7. Gaylon Merritt
  8. Charles Mosley
  9. Bret Pinson
  10. Ronnie Reed
  11. Tom South
  12. Kale Stephens
  13. Ray Vasquez
  14. Jeff Wood

Team List

Last update: 05/15/08
  1. Todd Clower
  2. Bill Core
  3. Daniel Core
  4. Isaiah Core
  5. Carlton Coston
  6. Tom Cowley
  7. Randall Crosswhite
  8. Gene Davis
  9. Melvin Dudley
  10. Richard Eyrse
  11. Jack Goble
  12. Bo Hancock
  13. Charles Hughes
  14. Roger Jensen
  15. Paul Johnson
  16. Lowell Johnston
  17. Jeff Lewis
  18. Wayne Lisenbee
  19. Ken Mansfield
  20. Don Morrison
  21. Mickey Petty
  22. Bush Ramsey
  23. Bill Rand
  24. Gary Tucker
  25. Rick Walker
  26. Ben Williams