Interested in going on a Walk to Emmaus?

Walk to Emmaus Logo

The Walk to Emmaus is designed to strengthen your faith in God and Jesus Christ. The purpose is to show you the love of Christ through the service of the community so that you may develop into a Christian leader within your home, church, and work life.

All Walk to Emmaus participants, called pilgrims, must have a sponsor that has also participated in a Walk to Emmaus.  Your sponsor will provide you with information about the event. If you are married, he/she will talk with both you and your spouse. Your sponsor will have you complete an application for a Walk to Emmaus and then submit it to the Emmaus registrar.

There is someone from our Big Country Emmaus community in almost every church in Abilene. However, if you don't know of someone that can sponsor you please feel free to contact one of our board members. We welcome Christians from all walks of life, all denominations, all races, all who love Jesus and want to have a deeper love for Him.