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What is the Group Reunion

The Emmaus group reunion is a small accountability group of two to six persons who have usually participated in the three-day Walk to Emmaus and who want to continue their pursuit of a life lived wholly in the grace of God. These small follow-up groups help pilgrims translate the message conveyed on the Walk to Emmaus weekend into a daily walk with Christ. With the regular support of a few faithful friends, the gift of God's love in Jesus Christ becomes a lifestyle of Christian discipleship through the threefold discipline of piety, study, and action. Group reunions meet at regular times, usually weekly for an hour. The meeting consists of persons' sharing the stories of their walk with Christ during the past week. Members listen to one another, celebrate the grace of God in each person's life, and reinforce each one's core commitment to living in union with Christ in all facets of daily life. Members express that reinforcement through gentle accountability, encouragement, and support of one's stated discipline and plans.

Reunion Groups

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Men's Monday

1:30 pm Abilene Bible Church
6:40 pm First Baptist Church
8:30 pm First United Methodist Church

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Men's Tuesday

6:30 am Henry D's @ 10th and Judge Ely
6:30 am McDonalds @ S. 14th
6:45 am Luby's
7:00 am ACU
7:00 am H.V. Chapman & Son's
12:00 pm Highland Church of Christ Prayer Room
7:00 pm Butler's Trophies

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Men's Wednesday

7:30 am H.E.B. Snack Area
12:00 pm Highland Church of Christ

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Men's Thursday

5:55 am BOB's 1st Christisna Church
6:30 am Lone Star Electric, S. 4th& Locust

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Men's Friday

6:00 am First Financial Bank - 2nd & 4th weeks each month
6:30 am First Southwest Insurance
6:30 am First Financial Bank - 1st & 3rd weeks each month
6:30 am First Financial Bank Mall - 1st & 3rd weeks each month
7:00 am Bank One, Suite 400

Contact Jim Gravley 677-4190 (office)

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Men's Saturday

7:00 am Renewed Life

The Architectural Office of : Tim Rice McClarty, AIA 2610 South Treadaway Blvd. 698-3860

7:00 am David Bridge's Home
7:00 am Abilene Bible Church
7:30 am Ben Gray's Home
8:00 am Lawn Baptist Church - Bi-weekly
8:00 am Grandy's, Buffalo Gap Rd.
8:00 am St. James United Methodist Church

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Women's Monday

5:00 am Loisteen May's Home
8:30 am Aldersgate UMC

Contact Mary @ 698-1542

12:00 pm A Member's Home
5:00 pm 3518 Ivanhoe
5:30 pm Mezzimiz, S 7th
5:30 pm 1874 Elmwood Dr
6:15 pm Mezzimiz, S 7th
7:00 pm Various
8:00 pm Highland Church of Christ
8:30 pm Highland Church of Christ

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Women's Tuesday

6:30 am Mignon Lawson's Home
7:30 pm A Member's Home

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Women's Wednesday

6:00 am Town Crier
6:00 am Grandy's (north side)
6:30 am Various
12:00 pm First Financial Bank
12:00 pm Devotional Divas (location varies)

Contact Marilyn Tittle

12:00 pm Beckers Loft

Contact Cheryl Ballard 672-7683

12:00 pm Hendrick Chapel

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Women's Thursday

5:30 pm Grace Lutheran Church
5:30 pm His Cup
6:00 pm Mezzimiz - 2nd & 4th weeks of each month
7:00 pm Elm Valley Community Church
7:00 pm Eula Methodist Church

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Women's Friday

6:30 am Grandy's (north side)
12:30 pm Elm Valley Community Church
5:30 pm Mezzimiz S. 7th
5:30 pm Marsha Murphy

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Women's Saturday

8:00 am Lawn Baptist Church
8:00 am Lawn Baptist Church - bi-weekly
9:30 am Member's Home
9:30 am University Baptist
10:00 am Mezamiz S. 7th

Contact Jane Harvey 695-0092

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Mixed Groups Monday

12:00 pm Bill Moore's Home

1649 Belmont

12:00 pm Peggy Knowles Home
7:00 pm Various Member's Homes

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