Chrysalis — a Transformation

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What is Chrysalis

As a caterpillar prepares to begin its transformation, it will create cocoon in which it will hibernate as it's body undergoes a transformation into a beautiful butterfly. At this stage is called a called chrysalis. Chrysalis, as the name would suggest, is a movement designed to help young men and women transform themselves from their days of youth to spirit filled lives knowing about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Chrysalis is modeled after the Walk to Emmaus movement with talks and discussions designed for young men and women that help them understand the grace that the Father has given each of us, and also to help them identify the purpose that God has for each of them. Instead of being called walks as with adults, these events are called flights. Participants are called caterpillars during their weekend, and transformed into butterflies at the conclusion of their weekend. Find out more about Chrysalis on The Upper Room's website.

What ages are Chrysalis flights for

Chrysalis is designed for teens ages 15-19.

What ages is a Journey for

Journeys are designed for young adults 20-24.

Why are Chrysalis and Journey combined?

Participation has been low in these age groups, and they have been combined in order to have a full turnout. It would be fabulous if there were enough participants to have have each group on their own weekends, and more than just one per year also. However, because of tight schedules for both high-school and college age participants the weekends are generally limited to the summertime.

Chrysalis Flights

Girl's #46 July 24-27, 2008 Shelley Childress Squeaky Walker
Boy's #47 July 31 - August 3, 2008 Cliff Shiver Jeff Forrest


Download this Application for the young man or lady that God has placed on your heart to send to this life changing event.

Team Applications

Adults that have participated in a previous Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis event will be involved on the team.  All team members over the age of 18 at the time of the event must submit a complete application, and undergo a criminal background check to ensure the safety of the youth.

Other Chrysalis Events

Each fall the chrysalis community gathers for a Hoot that is similar to our regular community meetings, but a lot more fun! The community keeps up with the news about chrysalis in the monthly community newsletter section titled "The Chrysalis Corner".