A Christian community that loves Christ Jesus ...

From Abilene, Texas and the surrounding areas, from all churches, all denominations. It is for all who love Jesus and want to unwrap the LOVE and GRACE He has for you.

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Check out our new 2015 Calendar with events listed and links to all the walks and flights.

The application has now become easier for you to just fill-in and print out and mail to PO Box 5080; Abilene, TX 79608.

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The Community gatherings for Feb., and March will be at Highland Church of Christ, 425 Highland. 6pm is Babe Chick and 6:30 begins Community.

6 pm Babe Chicks
6:30 pm Community

SPONSORSHIP - Check out our new information about sponsoring pilgrims or caterpillars. This guide will get you started, but of course there is so much more to know. Get an application now!

AGAPE Please notice that if you are preparing agape for any walk you will need to provide:

  • 82 pieces if you intend for the entire team and the pilgrims to receive your agape
  • 67 pieces if you intend for the conference room team only and the pilgrims to receive your agape
  • At least 48 pieces if your agape is to be worn (Pilgrims & Table Leaders). Agape meant to be worn will not be distributed if there is less than 48 pieces.
  • Please no special gifts for one person.

Click HERE to watch a video about The Walk to Emmaus.